Business Insider (article): An alarming new study says charter schools are America’s new subprime mortgages

Click-baity title (what isn’t these days?) but worth reading carefully. IMHO charter school policy already tends to face this problem of confusing and deficient oversight over schools of highly variable quality that are discrepant from public perception. To me, a clear recipe for fraud, abuse, and bloat, the very things school choice advocates complain about public school systems.


I highly recommend How to Be Happy, a collection of sequential art by Eleanor Davis. Rarely does a work of art so pointedly and poignantly get at the anxieties and heartsickness currently prevalent among so much of us.


White Horse Inn: The Theology of Christmas Movies & Carols

A critical look at the subtext of some of our most popular and innocuous Christmas cultural artifacts.


Russell Moore often has a healthy stance on truly standing up for the Christian gospel in the midst of a seemingly Christian-ized culture