All in the Mind (ABC): Growing up Digitally

Today’s kids have only ever known a digital world of connectedness with smart devices, search engines, and social media platforms and while growing up digitally offers exciting opportunities, it also has its challenges. We discuss how kids and their parents can get the balance right and be safe in the digital space.


Ezra Klein Show (Panoply): Yuval Harari, author of “Sapiens,” on AI, religion, and 60-day meditation retreats

Provocative but fascinating interview with big-picture philosopher Yuval Harari. Gives a nice, fair overview of his ideas around the narrational construction of civilization and how that will be upended by Artificial Intelligence.


Persuasion (Christ & Pop Culture): When You Fancy Yourself a Prophet

An interview with Sharon Hodde-Miller about what it means to have a true prophetic voice in contemporary settings. See her article in Mere Orthodoxy:

…evangelicalism’s prophetic bankruptcy. At a time when our country has utterly lost its moral center, this could have been our moment. Rather than negotiate with evil, we could have rejected worldly notions of “good” in a show of prophetic imagination. Instead, we accepted the terms the world set for us. We chose short-term gains over long-term credibility, and traded our birthright for porridge.