War Rig


Every time E2 buckles in nowadays, I have to go through an elaborate checklist with her:

E2: Do I have the coloring book?
Me: Which one? The one with the princesses?
E2: No, the one with the heroes… with Wonder Woman.
Me: Uh, here it is.
E2: And the silly book?
Me: The pop-up book? It’s right next to you.
E2: Right. And the one from the library?
Me: Are you talking about the penguin book? It’s right here.
E2: Okay. And my toy?
Me: What toy?
E2: The Superman.
Me: Where did his head go? You know what: Never mind. Are we done here?
E2: NOT YET! Where are my markers?
Me: Here.
E2: And my snacks?
Me: They’re right in front of you.
E2: I can’t reach the net!
Me: I’ll put them in the door handle. Okay?
E2: Um…
Me: Anything else?
E2: What about the other library book? You remember? With the mouse?
Me: Maisy? It’s not here. I returned it already.
E2: Why did you do that?
Me: It was due. When are we going to go?
E2: Why couldn’t we keep it?
Me: That’s how libraries work, honey. It’s a public institution we all share… You know what: we’re done here. I’m buckling you.
Me: Oh, you can, can you? Show me.
E2: See?
Me: That’s just the top buckle. Do you want me buckle the bottom one?
E2: …
Me: Your brother is starting to fuss. Let me just do it.
Me: I tell you what: You do it while I put E3 in.



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