Catechism: The Voice in Our Hearts’ Wilderness


Q24. How is Christ a prophet?

As a prophet, Christ reveals the will of God to us for our salvation by His word and Spirit.

In his short visible ministry, Jesus gave us a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven. He taught what it meant to love the Law and falter in obedience to it. He showed in miracles how a sinful world falls from its divine design — and how it can be recovered. He demonstrated through his example what a good life is.

In his death and resurrection, Jesus gave us an entry into that kingdom of heaven. That act of sacrifice, grace, and mercy is not only a portal of possibility, but a portal of revelation. It is an epiphany as to how this history of failure and intervention finally resolves itself.

In his inspired Scripture, Christ gives us the fodder for understanding. All that He wants us to know about Him and the Father’s plan is laid out, plain to see, in those 66 books. In this sense, the Word continues to walk in the world.

In the Holy Spirit, Christ enables the insight, conviction, and belief that overcomes the willful blinding of our sinfulness. He cracks the code for us because we are unable to do it for ourselves.

In this way, Jesus Christ overcomes Moses and Elijah. He not only delivers the Law, He fulfills it. He not only coaxes fire to devour the sacrifice and silence the apostates, He is the sacrifice. He not only witnesses the glory of the Father, communes in its presence, and serves its will, He is the still, small voice in our hearts.


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