Catechism: Humiliation and Exaltation


Q23. How is Christ our redeemer?

As our redeemer, Christ is a prophet, priest, and king in both His humiliation and His exaltation.

For the next month, we’ll be completing our curriculum on the elements of worship with an in-depth look at the benediction, and catechetically we’ll be focusing on the roles of Jesus Christ as our redeemer.

I’m not practicing Lent this year, but its occasion is directing my attention to the prepositional adverb of this Shorter Catechism answer: “in both His humiliation and His exaltation.” Jesus fulfills his roles in both dearth and power, ignominy and glory.

He is a voice in the wilderness, shunned by his very dearest. And he is the fulfillment of the law and all the promises realized.

He is the veil rent in two: both the slaughtered lamb without blemish and the praying intercessor, a perfect channel of communion.

He is the pauper king, a marginal prisoner interrogated and crucified by an occupying empire, his true power in the staying hand of mercy, restraining the wrath of heaven even in his dying breaths. And the Lion in return to enact his final justice and sovereignty — and realize a new heaven and a new earth.

He is with us in our darkest blues and over us in blinding light. He makes us kneel and invites us to rise. He heals and rebukes. He curses the fruitless tree and on the tree pleads forgiveness for his executioners.

In his weakness, he shows his power is in his goodness, his might and glory is in his love.


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