Catechism: Exceeding Expectations


[A reprint of a previous reflection]

…blessing is really a revelation and reorientation of identity—both of the heavenly Father and us His children. I cannot help looking at the kids at Children’s Ministry—and my own brood—and consider how their characters and personalities are ever evolving, developing, shifting. We worry and delight because we see ourselves in them, and we worry and delight because they seem strange and new to us.

Our catechism questions this week introduce the roles Christ has in our lives:

Q. How did Christ, the Son of God, become man?
A. Christ, the Son of God, became man by assuming a real body and a reasoning soul. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary, who gave birth to Him; yet He was sinless.

Q. How is Christ our redeemer?
A. As our redeemer, Christ is a prophet, priest, and king in both His humiliation and His exaltation.

Fully God and fully Man. Prophet. Priest. King. We have in our Savior the assurance we need and the humility we must have as we pray for our children. He speaks to us, he intercedes for us, he reigns over us, even as he calls us to do the same for them. They may not turn out the way we expect, but they will be answers to our prayers. Amen and amen.


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