Catechism: Nature and Nurture


Q8. How does God carry out His decrees?
A: God carries out His decrees in creation and providence.

First, a re-post from two years back:

…God is not only the First Mover and the Great Clockmaker who set the universe in motion with an awesome design, but very much a God involved and invested in history and human lives. He is not only a God of order and consequence, but a dynamic, relational God who is willing to disrupt creation itself to show His glory.

As parents and ambassadors, we must take pause here and reflect on whether we telegraph this truth in our lives. Do we give God the credit out loud? Do we recognize his sovereignty and purpose both in creation and in active intervention? Does his Name only get invoked in our households on Sundays and meals, or is he ever-present in our discussions and chatter? Is he seen as Author and Lord and Friend, a Savior for once and for every moment thereafter?

This may be something that we must constantly repent for: that our children does not yet clearly see what we tell them to be true — our utter dependence, gratitude, and love for Him.

This time around, my thoughts turn to epigenetics and the ever-roiling debate of nature versus nurture. Is genetics destiny? How crucial is it that we live in the right neighborhoods, send them to the best schools, give them access to museums, summer camps, tutors, and extra-curricular activities? Does it matter that we pack their lunches, give them hugs, or have family worship?

It’s helpful for me to reflect that God is both Creator and King. He set the environment — and made us as we are — but he also actively intervened in his providence. He made covenants, enforced consequences, provided vision, and even sacrificed His life.

It is instructive to know that God in his omnipotence and perfect design could not prevent us from falling astray. And in his love, he would not relent in restoring us.

It comforts me to know that our fate is, and has always been, in His capable hands, not ours. We can relax the anxiety of our grasp — and enjoy partaking in His decrees.


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