Podcast Round-Up: President-Elect Trump


I’ve taken advantage of some of the Thanksgiving downtime to slowly catch up with some of my podcast listening, and I’m currently making my way through the initial reactions to Trump’s election. In the shock of Super Tuesday, I’ve avoided these but now find them useful to re-engage with my civic curiosity. Here are some of the best I’ve found:

Five Thirty-Eight: Nate Silver and his team scrambles to justify themselves and make sense of the final polling data


On the Media: Some raw and brutally honest navel-gazing about the show’s (and the media’s) shortcomings and mandates following this moment


The Weeds: A brainy (and kind of delirious) brainstorming session about the results and possible conclusions of this election

Also: https://soundcloud.com/panoply/superb-tuesday-special?in=panoply/sets/the-

Trumpcast: Jamelle Bouie, in particular, speaks cogently about how this election fits in neatly with an overarching narrative around America’s struggle with race.


BackStory: A special reaction episode puts the election in the context of past populism as well as considering its historical anomalousness


Common Sense: Dan Carlin breaks down what he sees as the opportunities and perils of a Trump administration and makes a case for unity in reforming the electoral processes of our democracy.

Common Sense 311 – Trumped

Russell Moore’s Signposts: Some wise generic advice on how Christians should place this election in perspective, regardless of where your political views lie

Signposts: How Should Christians Respond to the New President?

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