Catechism: Q3


Q3. What does the Bible primarily teach?
The Bible primarily teaches what man must believe about God and what God requires of man.

On Sunday we read from Luke 4, how Jesus read aloud from Isaiah at his home synagogue in Nazareth and then claimed fulfillment of that Scripture.

We also talked further about the Reformation, specifically about how Martin Luther, a monk obsessed with his sinfulness, found truth and grace in the Word, which led to his 95 Theses and his trial at the Diet of Worms.

It’s often tempting, especially with children, to emphasize only the latter half of this week’s catechism — that the Bible teaches primarily what God requires of man. We lead our kids to believe that the Bible is a rulebook, or an anthology of morally instructive fables, or an obscure justification behind adult mandates.

We must remember that behind every edict, prophecy, and parable is an insight into our God, the One who set the design for creation, fate, and our lives, and made us in His image. Scripture is an invitation to walk humbly with Him, to hear Him announce His presence to us.

You read and you fall in love. And then what were once bars of the law become the breath of urges. And then you can take your stand. You can do no other.


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