Matapeake Beach


A little while ago, we took a day trip to Matapeake Beach, located at the eastern foot of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, on Kent Island, Maryland.

160909 - 6

At the parking lot you’ll see a clubhouse (which is owned by the park) and a forest trail off to the side, which will also take you to the beach.

It’s a popular dog beach–the water stays at around 3 or 4 feet for some distance–and the tide brings in lots of interesting fauna and artifacts on its narrow shore, including barnacles and horseshoe crabs.

160909 - 4
160909 - 1
160909 - 3

So it’s great for a nature romp, but I wouldn’t say it’s ideal for a traditional beach outing. No waves, gritty sand, lots of insects. Honestly, it wasn’t what we expected, so it colored our experience. Once you appropriately calibrate your attitude and expectations, though, Matapeake could be a great outing.

Just make sure to bring insect repellent along with the sunblock.

160909 - 2


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