2016-2018 Children’s Church at NewCity


At NewCity Church, we encourage parents to disciple their children and suggest the Westminster Shorter Catechism as a useful structure to do so. We also endorse Training Hearts Teaching Minds, a family devotional based on the Shorter Catechism, by Starr Meade.

The Children’s Church is currently finishing a two-year cycle of going through the entire Shorter Catechism — we talked about Q. 106 (“For what do we pray in the sixth request?”) this past Sunday and will tackle the last question (“What does the conclusion of the Lord’s prayer teach us?”) on September 25.

That means we’ll be kicking off a new cycle starting in October. Here’s the schedule: https://tomkim.wordpress.com/catechism-schedule/

What does Children’s Church look like?

Children’s Church was developed to help younger children (under 10) get acclimated to a Sunday worship environment and understand basic practices and tenets of our faith. As such, we’ve developed a format meant to echo major elements of the general Sunday service.

We begin with a Call to Worship and singing. We then recite the Lord’s Prayer and rehearse a song tied to a monthly theme. We then discuss a question from the Westminster Shorter Catechism, read a relevant Bible passage, have a Prayer of Confession. We will then collect an offering and have a snack. During the snack, I will typically read a Bible passage related to our secondary curriculum and discuss it. Afterwards we will end the session with a craft, game, song, or video reinforcing this secondary curriculum.

Our current secondary curriculum is Teach Me to Worship where each month we consider one major element of Sunday: Call to Worship, Prayer, Praise, Tithes & Offerings, the Reading of the Word, and so on. We’ve also used in the past two years The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Biggest Story, both of which emphasize the gospel redemptive narrative arc of the whole Bible.

Occasionally I will post on this blog some reflections about topics covered or discussions had at the most recent Children’s Church. While these are personal reflections, I hope they are edifying to the parents of our church. I’m always delighted to receive comments, questions, or feedback; please post them below relevant blog posts, or email me, or post on our private Facebook page. Thanks!


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