New Habit: Sleep


As I get older, I’m noticing how taking exceptions with my sleep takes a profound toll on me not only the very next day, but days thereafter. So the next habit I’m tackling this week is to commit to a firm tuck-in time every night. I don’t have to be asleep at that hour; I could read a book, but I have to be in bed. I could wake up whenever (it helps that I’m naturally an early riser). Those are the guidelines I’m setting for myself… and my kids.

One of the reasons why homeschooling became an attractive option for me was the growing realization that all the recent research on kids seemed to show that what needed to be prioritized in their nurture is reversed in schooling. More fundamental than learning resources, curriculum, or pedagogy are connection, play, and sleep. These are the three things that homeschooling can provide an abundance of and relieve all the pressure on.

I’m not bothered when Biggie gets up late, and I’m delighted when JB takes three-hour afternoon naps. Yesterday, I sent Biggie to play with the neighbors, so I could nap alongside her. I’m encouraging her brain development.


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