Fearsome Symmetry


We’ve been seeing some incredible things in nature this summer just in our local area.

Here’s a large hawk we spotted outside our kitchen:

160809 - 21
160809 - 22
160809 - 23

Here’s a cicada we found outside our front door (communing with a pill bug):

160809 - 1
160809 - 4

Here’s a dragonfly, who seemed to have an epic and tragic battle with wasps, that we found on the sidewalk on the playground at Lee District Park:

160803 - 3

Here are some geodes, Biggie split open:

160625 - 3
160625 - 4

Here’s a fossil he found at Dinosaur Park in Laurel, Maryland (a horse tail):

160618 - 10

And some lignite:

160618 - 8

And a conifer fossil — it was significant enough that we couldn’t hold onto it!

160618 - 7


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