Down the Rabbit Hole


Last year was the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, so we’re a little late to the tea party, but Biggie and I have started reading it together at bedtime. We have a paperback copy of the Pennyroyal Press edition, illustrated by Barry Moser, and for someone used to the original Tenniel drawings, this version has renewed the strangeness, wonder, and terror of the story. And thank you to Charlene Pritzker at Burgundy Farm, who helped me realize that the book was also slyly about mathematical transformations — it in fact, could be construed as a satire about mathematical trends in Dodgson’s time.

If you’re a Lewis Carroll fan, you should also check out the most recent episode of Selected Shorts, which features selections of Alice in Wonderland read by Ari Graynor, Sonia Manzano, and Dan Stevens.

A bit too mature for Biggie now, but fascinating nonetheless, is Bryan Talbot’s mind-bendy graphic novel about the historical and cultural context of Alice, Alice in Sunderland.

And I’m deeply impressed with the homeschooling prowess of Christy Knockleby.


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