The Big Broadcast: Podcasts for Kids, Pt. 2



Part the Second of podcasts I listen to while driving my kids around. This second batch is made up of podcasts for adults that I hope my kids will eavesdrop into:

  • Ask Me Another: NPR’s trivia quiz show. A lot of the pop culture questions go over the heads of my kids, but they like the infectious fun and energy of the hosts and contestants.
  • No Such Thing As a Fish: Speaking of trivia, this show is just about rando, bizarre facts; again, done in a very entertaining way. My son’s favorite show, given that he’s often basically the kid from Jerry Maguire.
  • BackStory: Every episode takes a theme and looks at how that theme was relevant in different eras of American history. It’s sometimes a little boring for the kids, but I love it.
  • In Our Time: If BackStory can be challenging for the kids, In Our Time might downright test them. That’s okay; I’ve never had a problem aggravating my kids, especially by being pedantic. This venerable BBC programme hosted by Melvyn Bragg provides thorough introductions to diverse historical subjects.

  • Podcasts from The Poetry Foundation: There’s several podcasts here, including the Poem of the Day. It’s always lovely to hear good poems read out loud, but keep in mind that poets and poems can be just as frank as elliptical about all kinds of subjects.

  • No Holds Bard: Two Shakespearean actors and aficionados yammer ebulliently about the Bard. I like their series introducing various plays: “So You’re Going to See…”

  • TED Radio Hour: TED Talks in podcast form. ‘Nuff said.

  • Surprisingly Awesome: Adam McKay and Adam Davidson became friends working on The Big Short; now they host a podcast taking turns convincing each other some seemingly banal or boring subject is actually enormously fascinating. I find they usually succeed.

  • A Way with Words: A call-in show about word etymologies and English idioms. This show will make you pay attention and wonder about the peculiarities of language.

  • Switched On Pop: Close readings of pop songs. Again, it will make you rethink the stuff you listen to every day.

  • Classical Classroom: Dacia Clay admits a basic ignorance about classical music and enthusiastically interviews classical musicians and luminaries about some small aspect of this world, whether a particular piece or instrument or concept.

  • Hidden Brain: An NPR show about social and cognitive science and what they tell us about how our brains form “unconscious patterns that drive human behavior.” As with most things in this sphere, often fascinating but should be taken with some skepticism.

  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts: Everyone in my nuclear family is an introvert, so this podcast about parenting and supporting introverts is interesting for my kids to eavesdrop into.

Okay, that was a long list. I also listen to the radio and CD mixes, in case the Bluetooth goes wonky while I’m on the road.

Any other recommendations?

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