Quiet Rocking


Saturday, we trooped up to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg, MD to see the Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Show, hosted annually by Gem, Lapidary, and Mineral Society of Montgomery County MD, Inc. (GLMSMC).

It was lightly raining, and sometimes softly snowing, and JB just wanted to splash in puddles.

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The exhibition was a good size for Biggie to go wandering around leisurely, though. At a friend’s recommendation, I’ve read Quiet by Susan Cain and have since been working my way through her podcast on parenting introverts. I’ve been more mindful not to push him through new situations but work with how he likes to warm up to things.

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Given his intense interest in gemology, I half expected him to jump up and down in excitement, but he instead a good chunk of time perusing, occasionally pointing out something he knew (or thought he knew).

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The ground floor of the show was geared to generate interest (and help Scouts earn their badges) so there was a lot that was familiar-but-different to Biggie. I think the displays of personal collections gave him something to think about…

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… and he enjoyed the hands-on polishing demonstration.

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And JB got to use a microscope for the first time.

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Upstairs was a busy floor of dealers and mineral products for sale. Before our trip, we had talked about how much Biggie had to spend and whether he wanted to spend it all — and even make some of his savings available. He decided to preserve his savings but didn’t make any firm choices about limiting his spending. Once he saw the displays, he set about to spend all of his cash on hand.

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Still, given the expense and variety of choices, he had to spend a lot of time thinking about what he really wanted, seeing how much things cost, and adding up options in his head.

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The one thing I wished I had done differently was to set aside some time afterwards to reflect and maybe even have some drawing materials handy to make some sketches, but I hope we get to do that today.


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