Janus Point


Highlights from the past week:

  • first winter session of Ancestral Knowledge
  • Animal Coverings Q?rious class at the Natural History Museum
  • Ant-Man at the Burke Branch Library
  • Odyssey of the Mind meeting
  • Breakfast and As-Is shopping at IKEA
  • Gym day (in honor of Langley) at Lee District Rec Center
  • The Force Awakens at the Udvar-Hazy Center
  • National Symphony Orchestra mini-concert at the American Art Museum


Coming this week:


7:00: Steamtivity Club at the Beatley Library


10-12:30: Mensa Box Challenge at the Silver Spring Library
10-3: Home School Science at the Navy Museum (also on Thursday)
3:30: Crafting at the Duncan Library

Thursday: Anniversary of the Ratification of the Treaty of paris

10:00 & 1:00: HERO Livestream: The War of 1812
11-1: Literacy and Photography class in Alexandria

3:30: Odyssey of the Mind


1-6: Open Studio at the National Portrait Gallery


1-7: Video Game Arcade exhibition at the American Art Museum


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