The critical discussion around The Man in the High Castle Amazon Prime series leads me to want to read the Philip K. Dick novel it’s based on — especially since the novel apparently does a much better job at probing what colonialism does to your psyche in imagining what day-to-day reality might look like if America itself was colonized.
[Slate] No Heroes

This was Radio Lab’s second most downloaded show of the year, about the fascinating, racially-complicated history of modern American football, as centered on the Carlisle Indian School. You’ll never think of football in quite the same way again.
Radio Lab: American Football Audio

Neat example of alternative maps
How Marshall Islanders navigated the sea using only sticks and shells
The boundary hunters uncovering North Carolina’s lost borders

Explore your personal place in world demographics in these neat interactive infographics

Using sports analytics to teach math

Analyzing the elements of art: Four ways to think about form

The UN Sustainable Development Summit has outlined 17 global goals to address three major initiatives: End extreme poverty, fight inequality, and fix climate change

Kareem Abdul-Jabar has written a Sherlock Holmes novel

So many presents on PBS this year: End of Downton Abbey, new season of Sherlock (Abominable Bride at 9 tonight!), Mercy Alexandria. We’ll have to be flexible about bed times.


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