And now she’s fine



Yesterday we went to the pediatrician’s office. We’ve been growing increasingly concerned with JB (our two-year-old); she’s had a cold for a while, but recently she’s been having some strange symptoms. Her nasal drainage has gotten dark, she’s had a mild fever, she’ll scream bloody murder every time we try to wipe her nose, and there’s been a weird dank smell emanating from that area. Dana urges me to make an appointment for her.

Doctor: “Oh. There’s something up there. I think your daughter stuffed something up there.”

And now everything makes sense.

Fortunately, we were able to make an appointment to see an Ear-Nose-and-Throat specialist that afternoon. So we make a day of it. I’m trying to peel through all the coupons Elijah and Evangeline scored from summer reading, so we go visit the Treasure Trove thrift store (which benefits Inova) and have lunch at Bob Evans. We then browse in a nearby library while waiting for our appointment — I pick up a Def Leppard CD to listen to in the car.

Popcorn kernel. JB had stuffed a popcorn kernel up her right nostril. It came out in two pieces, probably because it was softening up and rotting up there.

She’s a lot happier now, thanks.

Out of touch, out of reach, yeah
You could try to get closer to me
I'm in love, I'm in deep, yeah
Hypnotized, I'm shakin' to my knees

I gotta know tonight
If you're alone tonight
Can't stop this feelin'
Can't stop this fire

Oh, I get hysterical, hysteria
Oh can you feel it?
Do you believe it?

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