iPad review: Nighty Night! and Nighty Night Circus


It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the Toca Boca apps, and I’ve since added to that crowd two similar apps from Fox & Sheep, another developer for kids I like.

Nighty Night! is, I believe, one of the first apps that Fox & Sheep ever created, and the concept is pretty simple: All the animals in a farm are awake, and as you explore the different parts of the farm, you get to tap on them to put them asleep.

The real magic of this app is in its execution; it’s illustrated and animated by Heidi Wittlinger, who constructs wonderfully charming collages that are beautiful to behold. There’s also lots of little interactive bits in each screen, which keeps this app engaging for a while.

Nighty Night Circus is a sequel that just transports the setting. Different animals, more animations… you get the gist.

These apps fall more into the “toy” rather than “game” category, and your child will eventually figure out all the animations. Even so, my two-year-old keeps returning to them like well-loved picture books.


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