Goings On


I’m finding it harder recently to find the time/energy to hunker down and write, but it’s not for a lack of topics. Here’s a couple of things we’ve been doing:

  • playing an iPad game about logic and argumentation
  • reading about the Presidential elections
  • buying new Pokemon
  • watching the Disney animated Peter Pan movie and reading an article about Peter Pan in the New York Review of Books
  • taking a trip to the Hirshhorn
  • reading about Arthurian legends
  • reading Howl’s Moving Castle and watching the Miyazaki movie based on it
  • starting photography lessons
  • meeting other homeschoolers in weekly playground playdates
  • building string-and-straw polyhedra kickballs
  • starting Watership Down as bedtime reading
  • trying to catch a glimpse of the Perseids meteor shower
  • playing with perler beads
  • writing letters to friends
  • learning and playing board games
  • checking out storytimes and activities at libraries
  • taking piano lessons
  • learning vocabulary and practicing reading in Korean
  • reading the news through News-o-Matic (iPad app)

Are there any of these you’re curious about?


One thought on “Goings On

  1. Sarah

    Hi Tom-

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’d honestly like to hear about all of these topics. I’m not crazy about gaming for my kids, so iPad games are less relevant for me, but I’m still slightly interested in hearing of your experience/game review. My favorite post of yours so far has been about your turtle dove (ordinary/natural occurrence meets Shakespeare equals just delightful). My second favorite is the Peter Pan 360/Peter Pan book review.
    I look forward to hearing more!


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