Setting Up the Homeschool Space Pt. 3: Upstairs


Yesterday I shared what the basement of my house (we rent) looks like. Today, the upper floor. Again, it’s dominated by an open layout, but I make some divisions with some furniture and visual cues.

We have a kind of nook that serves as a play area for JB. I think it’s helpful for her to have her own space on this floor, since it helps her understand that all her stuff needs to be contained in one area. And, yes, that is a kimchi fridge.


A – JB is pretty much potty-trained by now, but she can be incontinent and still prefers to do some of her business on the training potty.

B – Laundry basket. I find I need lots of laundry baskets in various places around the house.

C – This shelf used to hold JB’s books, but I find it’s better for holding and keeping track of all the library books we borrow, especially since we borrow from several different library systems (Fairfax, Alexandria, Falls Church).

D – Cookbooks + diapers. Why not?

E – JB has a select set of toys for this playroom that all get dumped into this tray. It keeps cleanup manageable, especially since I have to scan the floor every morning for things that will trip up the Roomba.

F – Again, a selection of JB’s board books go in this basket. I keep it simple for the girl: all the books go in the basket, all the toys go in the tray.


The other shelf has board games for Board Game Night.


A – I know, we have a lot of couches. We had more at one point, when my mother-in-law first moved in with us. Biggie, of course, loves to jump on these and hop from couch to couch.

B – Biggie just started piano lessons, and we finally got a stand and bench together for him. We just don’t know where to put it.

C – As in the other floor, I have two catchall baskets for cleanup: one for books and one for everything else. It makes it easy for everyone else to know what to do about tidying up, and it helps me maintain control over where things go.


My genius of a wife, Dana, put up these “cubbies” and hooks at the entranceway to help control and organize “in-use” stuff. Dana, Biggie, and I each get our own cubbies box to stuff with things that we need at the time.


I’m a little embarrassed at how many milk crates I’ve been lugging around since college, but I put them to good use in my study room, which has been sort of the command control room that I hole up in to process and prep for the day. Each crate-shelf stores one kind of supply (specialty papers, rulers, staples and staplers, fasteners and clips, string, scissors and knives, etc.) or my overflow of books.


The closet in my study room. Truth be told, since it’s my private room, I’ve been junking it up with all the “someday not-yet” stuff, and it’s the messiest room in the house.


The heart of operations. I have a couple of pieces of technology that have become essential, including an Anker dock for bare hard drives, a ScanSnap scanner, a Samsung external DVD reader/writer, and an Epson Workforce inkjet printer. I’m sure I’ll geek out about these more in future posts.

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