Setting up the Homeschool space Pt. 1: Inspiration


One of the first challenges I tackled when I resolved to homeschool was to clean the house. This is our second year renting our current residence, but we never fully unpacked. My wife always had a clearer mental map of where everything was, so I often relied upon her to tell me where things were as I needed them. Facing the reality of staying all day with the kids, however, provoked me to want to master the space I had. I wanted to sort through all the supplies and materials available to me and make reasonable workspaces to get stuff done.

Some inspiration first. I get weekly newsletters from Edutopia and one recent one focused on setting up classroom spaces. This article by Todd Finley summarizes and aggregates some tips and links about how to set up a workable and friendly classroom, and this video on flexible classrooms provides some inspiration from one school thinking outside-the-box about what classrooms can look like.

Here are some pics from my classrooms in the past:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I liked my old classrooms, but I wanted to take inspiration more from other classrooms I’ve seen in the past, especially in the lower schools (it was tough finding photos that didn’t have kids’ faces in them). I also wish I had some pictures of the kindergarten classrooms at Burgundy; they were awesome, and I loved how they were divided into learning stations.

Tomorrow: What I actually did.


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