Blogging 101: Hello World


I signed up for’s Blogging 101 course because why not.

Assignment One: Write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post

Wow. I hope the assignments get easier than this.

Okay. My name is Tom Kim. I used to teach Humanities in middle school, but now I’m a stay-at-home dad, and I’m homeschooling my kids. This is a big ol’ experiment, so I’m documenting my efforts and reflections on this blog, which I used to use as a more shaggy personal blog and then later as a teaching portfolio.

I also am the education director for a small children’s ministry at my church, so I’m also posting thoughts specifically on spiritual education and how my faith informs my parenting.

I’m mostly just doing this for myself, to habituate some regular rumination, but I hope my thoughts would be interesting to others, maybe families in my church, friends and extended family, maybe even others who homeschool, whether they share my faith or not, heck maybe even some parents-in-the-DC-metropolitan-area or parents-in-general or whoever. I’ve been told that it’s tough to pigeonhole me, which may mean there’s no audience for my thoughts–or perhaps the obverse.

Anyways, welcome. Hope you find something you like.

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