Dominoes Pt 3: We Go Out


Here’s an orphaned post I never got around to (till now). Previously, I had posted twice on how I used dominoes in educational ways with Biggie: (1) I challenged him to create a domino show or tumble and (2) I followed that up by checking out some books and learning how to play dominoes with him.

Not long after, I took a walk with him to Target (JB in a stroller), which is about half a mile away from our house. The idea was to see how much a set of dominoes cost and maybe use that as the basis of some math conversations.

Biggie was feeling good. Almost as soon as we stepped outside, he started noticing and identifying trees.



And plants. And berries.


He found some wild strawberries. He has a knack for finding wild strawberries.


And we also found quite a lot of mushrooms, including some weird growths.


Finally, we got to Target. At the entrance I said, “Go and see if you can find me the dominoes. I’ll follow you.” I thought of it as another challenge. I wanted to see what he would do.


He wandered around aimlessly for a bit and was starting to get frustrated. I pointed out that there were signs announcing aisle sections. That was enough of a clue to get him into the toy section.

Once there, he had a hard time finding a set of dominoes and became convinced that Target didn’t stock them. I told him that I’m sure I saw them there before, and that he had to keep looking. I suggested he could always ask for help, but he ignored that.

Finally, I gave him another clue; I told him that the dominoes were probably grouped in with classic board games. He still had trouble actually spotting them on the shelves, though.


Part of the problem was that he got distracted by boxes of sets of Pokemon cards. The dominoes were on the shelf directly below them.


We didn’t get around to anything like “How much is an individual domino if there are 91 being sold for $14.99?” but we did have an interesting conversation about retail architecture. I talked to him about how stores often give you minimal guidance and even disorient you a little bit in order that you spend some time perusing through the aisles. We noticed how certain popular or more expensive items were put on my—or his—eye level, and how other items seem to disappear when they are below or above that optimal height. We even considered why it might be that the store only has one official entrance/exit, even though there were a few emergency exit doors around its perimeter.

I also told him that he could buy a Pokemon card set with his own money, if he so wanted, but he had to sleep on it. He came back the next day and did so.


One thought on “Dominoes Pt 3: We Go Out

  1. brightskymom

    Love the noticing of flora, and your willingness to follow your son through Target. I’ll have to try that. I’m always in such a hurry to get out that I don’t permit any great learning opportunities to happen!


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