Manco & Manco



Anybody in Philly or Jersey knows this, but it bears mentioning for the rest of youse that any trip to Ocean City requires regular homage to Mack & Manco’s, the best pizza on the Jersey shore–and probably much, much further beyond. With three locations on the boardwalk, it’s an institution that’s remained defiantly immutable since the 1950s.

I still remember the very first time my wife’s family took me to their Ocean City and not my Ocean City (in Maryland), the highlight was squeezing into a crowded Mack & Manco’s and trying my first bite of their plain slice.

Imagine my incredulity when I found that since 2011 it changed its moniker to Manco & Manco. Never mind — almost nothing’s changed, especially the gooey cheese-and-tomato combination on the plain pizza. Their other pizzas, with toppings, are fine but the purists will only wax rhapsodic of the plain cheese. It makes the whole schlep within traffic worth it.


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