To Kill a Mockingbird Film Analysis

This isn’t something I’ve actually got a chance to implement yet, but I’ve always wanted to assign video essays as a media of film analysis. I’ve assigned traditional all-prose film analysis essays and powerpoint presentations with screenshots from a film, but I think a carefully edited video with voiceover makes more sense for this kind of analysis.

I was once asked to put together a presentation to selected faculty and administrators on my use of video in class instruction as part of a larger exploration of the “flipped classroom.” As part of my presentation, I made this video, a simple demonstration of the kind of video essay I’m thinking of.

(Note: the sound is rather subdued in this video; you’ll have to turn up your speakers to hear me clearly)

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  1. Tom, have you seen my FILM STUDY GUIDE (online) for TKAM? I hope you will.
    Frank Baker, Media & Film Literacy Educator

  2. Tom Kim

    Looks like a great resource. I’ll definitely bookmark it.

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