This past weekend my school gave me the Friday off to spend some time at EduCon 2.1, a small grassroots- Web 2.0- initiated conference dedicated to the future of school especially as it integrates technology. I kicked myself last year for not attending, especially since it’s held at Science Leadership Academy right here in good ole Philadelphia.

I plan within the next week to post my notes, experiences, observations at EduCon this year, but I’m slow so please bear with me. As I post new entries, I’ll update my links here on this page, so this page will serve as a reference for what I’ve written for this conference. (Or you can just subscribe to my feed :)).

Here are my planned posts:

  • Tour of SLA
  • Panel Discussion: What is the Purpose of School
  • Session 1: The Best Educational Ideas in the World
  • Breakout Lunch with Jeff Han
  • Session 2: The On Button
  • Session 3: Using Social Media to Define the New Humanities Classroom
  • Panel Discussion: Making Change
  • Session 4: Where Does It Live
  • Session 5: Rethinking At-Risk Education
  • Session 6: Writing the World

You may also check out the wiki dedicated to the conference. Most of the events and sessions were taped, streamed, and uploaded onto Mogulus, but those videos will only be hosted for half a year or so.

For more you can also try this Google search.


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