Exquisite Corpse


So I already mentioned the great time I had at Make Philly. I was impressed with the Rube Goldberg challenge they came up with, which was both fun and impressive. It was described as a kind of exquisite corpse, where each team contributed one part of the final machine that was compatible with its adjacent parts. Six teams were each given wooden panels. One corner of the panel had a written “input” instruction, indicating how an object would be received by their part, and an “output” instruction, indicating how they were to then send something to the next part. The team I was in was at the head, so we didn’t have an input, but our output instruction indicated that we were to “throw” something to the next team. So we decided to launch a billiard ball down a ramp and up a little jump into the next panel.

All in all, it worked beautifully, and it was poetic how we started with a billiard ball and ended with a bowling ball. I had to leave before all the tweaks got completely worked out, but here’s a video of the final working run:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=377338&dest=-1]

There are writing and visual art versions of the exquisite corpse game — something possibly to keep in mind.

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