A Tip for You, A Tip for Me


One little trick I learned to move myself around the classroom more, is to situate props at different places around the room. I’ll park my coffee by the window, and a book on my desk, and I always use the computer, and I also tend to write on the chalkboards as well as the smartboard.

By consciously leaving little things for me to do in different areas of the class, I make sure I don’t just stand at the front and talk. I weave around the students, which helps not only in classroom management but also in introducing some variety and movement in the instruction.

And now, a request for a tip: Another thing I need to work on is making sure I provide adequate positive feedback. I’m not, by any means, a negative nelly, but I always feel I’m lacking in positively reinforcing behavior. I hear for every criticism, you should have made four or five compliments. What sort of things can you do to ensure this? I’m not good at keeping track of things inside my head.


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