Role of the Educator in a Friends School


The new director of our middle school shared with us this article.

“Role of the Educator in a Friends School” — developed by the participants of “Educators New to Quakerism,” Winter, 2000

  1. To be an authentic role model.
  2. To guide, nurture, and enrich the mind and spirit of children.
  3. Peaceful listening.
  4. Patience.
  5. To use silence — to allow the student time to think and reflect.
  6. To know yourself and to bring that self to the classroom.
  7. To be fully present.
  8. To think about other people.
  9. To take the time to see the spirit in every child.
  10. To make the students accountable for their actions.
  11. To seek the “Truth” and to take joy in the seeking.
  12. To honor your own integrity.
  13. To remember learning takes place in laughter, too.
  14. This is all one moment in the life of a child.
  15. To trust in your students’ abilities and in your own.
  16. To model and encourage leadership as service among students, teachers, and staff.
  17. To question, reflect, discuss, question, reflect, and discuss.
  18. Actively look for ways to express Quaker testimonies and beliefs in the curriculum.
  19. To acknowledge and appreciate commonalities and diversity among students, family, and staff.
  20. To demand of myself what I expect of others — trust, passion, commitment, love, justice, and equality.
  21. “Education is an exercise of hope; equity is an act of courage.”
  22. To live and teach through the eyes of a child.
  23. Accept the mystery.
  24. To focus on process above outcome.
  25. To help children understand that one must fall in order to get to the next step. Mistakes are OK.
  26. To encourage bias awareness and bias busting.

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