NE Philly Blogger Meetup — Invisible


So I showed up half an hour late to the NE Philly Bloggers meetup last night. At Chickie and Pete’s. Looked around for you guys for about ten minutes then headed straight back home. I barely slept the night before, and the whole experience left me crabby.

  1. Chickie and Pete’s is an awful place to meet. Long lines. Overcrowded. Noisy. Bad themed restaurant vibe. Suburban vulgarity and desperation. Lots of people seemingly pretty intent on getting on drunk.
  2. No indication of who or where you were. There were loads of small crowds of people, and none with laptops or other geek accessories.
  3. Didn’t realize how out of the way the place was for me. Not familiar with the northeast, and I feel pretty content right now to keep it that way.

Instead, I got home, ordered pizza from Rustica, and conked out.

I definitely like meeting at the Ten Stone better, but not really by all that much. Food’s not exorbitant, but still feels pricey. No wifi that I recall. And they don’t seem to really value that we bring a group of customers every month. Any suggestions for a better locale?

[I just read Owen’s experience with Independents Hall. Would be perfect and might be good marketing for them.]


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