And miles to go before I sleep



I feel like I’ve been screwing around all summer long, and now I’m scrambling to get things done. Come November (when the baby’s due), how am I not going to fall apart? I keep hearing in my head the voices of all my newborn-wizened friends ominously moaning about the hell week right out of the gate. Caleigh’s dad told me how he went from a daily intake of 2-3 cups to 7-8 of coffee. Restless Legs Syndrome, here I come.

Here’s a list of things I ought to do before summer’s end:

Family Stuff

  • revise Dana’s personal statement
  • start planning Dana’s baby shower
  • sign up for parenting classes
  • go over my health insurance policy
  • make lullaby mix tapes
  • learn baby sign language
  • read parenting books
  • sign up for a baby registry
  • buy baby furniture and set up the nursery
  • put up pegboard in garage
  • Check to see if the Ung Drill frame is available at Ikea

School Stuff

  • read Robert McKee’s Story
  • read Marco Polo book
  • read Rafe Esquith’s Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire
  • finish Great Expectations
  • figure out what to do for the Robotics club and literary magazine
  • write my Yearly Reflection

Oh, yeah — and prep for the school year.

Okay, I’m freaking out here. Breathe. Breathe.

Looks like there’s a couple meetups coming up this week as well:

NE Philly Bloggers Meetup
Chickie & Pete Cafe
11000 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19116
Thursday, Aug 16 @ 7:00

Philadelphia Bloggers Meetup
Ten Stone Bar & Restaurant
2063 South St
Philadelphia , PA 19146
Saturday, Aug. 18 @ 3:00

Sorry, guys, if I seem a little distracted. I’ll have a lot of things on my mind.


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