BlogPhiladelphia Panel: The State of Social Media and Thoughts on the Future

  • Moderator: Joey Sweeney
  • AJ Daulerio
    • Black Table
      • self-promotion
      • no entrepreneurial ambitions
      • promoted by Gawker
        • the key to its popularity: its snarkiness (gossip/tabloid nature)
    • now works in print (Philadelphia Magazine)
  • Emily King
  • Vincent Veneziani
  • Caroline Marks
    • Ziddio
      • promoting independent content producers
        • artists in residence
        • advertising them
  • Neal Stewart
    • Open Source Beer Project
      • communicating the power of blogs to non-bloggers
        • can be mystifying
        • can look underwhelming
        • must constantly make people aware of its effect
      • trying to balance between marketing and content
        • meaningful content
  • General
    • contests
      • barrier to entry (i.e., making contests do something to submit) inversely proportional to number of submissions made
      • balancing the number of submissions generated with the number of views those submissions get

4 thoughts on “BlogPhiladelphia Panel: The State of Social Media and Thoughts on the Future

  1. Yeah, I did! TextMate comes with a Markdown bundle, which I then convert to HTML for my blog posts.

    I find it really easy and convenient to type in Markdown, which has a really common-sensical syntax for links, lists, blockquotes, etc.


  2. Henry

    Yo dude. I’m not going anywhere. Give me a call when you are in town. My number hasn’t changed since the last time. If you don’t have it, let me know…

    I was skimming through your post and found out you’re having a baby! CONGRATS BRO! We’re so excited for you. Let us know if you need any tips.

    Also, I don’t know if you bought your digital SLR, but here’s my take on it a) definitely takes nice photos b) it will make an average photographer look like an above average or better photographer with a few camera tricks c) it’s expensive when you want to do it right.

    If you have $1000 to drop on a camera, I’d say go for it. 100% worth it. But if you plan on getting in on the cheap, not as highly recommended because your photos will only look marginally better than with a typical point and shoot camera. You need to invest in a nice lens and maybe even a decent flash. The Canon Rebel XT (last years model) is on sale because it’s been replaced with the XTi. The only real difference is that the XTi has a self cleaning mechinism which is a nice feature, but isn’t necessary. I have the Rebel XT. If you wait for a awesome deal, you can get the body for under $400. Then you want to invest in a nice lense which will run you $300-$500. The flash isn’t necessary, but with a baby, it’s hard to shoot in low light. They have a 50mm lens with a low aperture which will allow you to take decent photos in low light. I think that lens is around $400. Anyway…call me if you are still shopping for a camera. If you already bought it, then disregard this comment. Looking forward to seeing you bro. Miss ya.


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