Don’t let your exploding head stop you from seeing some photos


My recent surge has been quelled by the sudden onset of a head cold, which came — and hopefully will go — like a flash flood. I literally left school fine, with a few shivers, and by the time I got home from my 20 minute commute, I was barely able to speak. I scrambled to the cupboards but the only thing I found were zinc lozenges and vitamin C pills. I took one of each and struggled to sleep for the next umpteenth hours, trying the rotisserie method of constantly rotating and draining the mucus from one nostril to the other.

What I didn’t do was get pills, and when I went to school the next day I was a wreck. I literally tried to sit in a corner with a tissue box and sip ginseng tea all day. The tiny Sudafed pills the health office gave me did diddly-squat. My students, God bless them, were merciful to me, though.

That afternoon I bought boxes of Nyquil, Dayquil, and Tylenol Cold (Severe Head Congestion). The Tylenol Cold took too long to work and seemed to move my headache around in weird places. Nyquil — now that’s where it’s at. But whatever improvements in my condition were evident the next day at work were offset by the disorientation caused by the medication.

Anyhoo, this is all to say that you should go see Jamie Lozoff’s premiere photo gallery showing at Red Hook Coffee and Tea on 765 S 4th St. (b/w Fitzwater & Catherine Streets). But not as a sweaty, staggering mess.

You can see more of her photography at her online gallery.

BTW, I woke up this morning, and it occurred to me that my new haircut makes me look like David Lynch (in the morning).


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