Let the Nuts Be Heard!


Philadelphia Magazine has printed an endorsement of Michael Nutter, who I’m currently leaning toward in the mayoral election. People complain that he’s too smart and too (as Biden might say) “clean,” but I think that’s exactly the guy we need.

–though Obama, IMHO, went down a notch with the South Carolina Democratic Presidential Debate. No one can touch him when he’s delivering a written, rehearsed speech, but his perceived inexperience really comes to mind when he’s extempore.

Of course the one guy that really caught everyone’s attention is the curmudgeon from Alaska…

Go out right now, regardless of your political affiliation, and petition that Mike Gravel be represented in CNN’s Democratic Presidential debate. It’s nice to have an unadulterated firebrand kicking shit up among these laminated milquetoast candidates.


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