Tomorrow: Day of Silence


Tomorrow is a national Day of Silence to bring awareness to the fear adolescents face when questioning their sexual orientation. You can participate, as I plan to, by refusing to speak tomorrow and then discussing the issue the next day with whoever was curious about your behavior.

Regardless of your views on homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgenderism, I think we can all agree on providing a safe and open environment for young people to question, confess, and discuss whatever it is they are going through. Just because I am a conservative Christian does not mean that I am for repression. On the contrary, I am for compassion and empathy and truth. I had a rough, angst-ridden adolescence myself, and I saw first-hand how exponentially harder it was for friends who had ambivalent feelings about their sexuality on top of all that.

[Update: The students organizing the Day of Silence at my school has scheduled a last-minute postponement until next week. So next week.]


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