Shear Competence


This weekend, much to Dana’s chagrin, I insisted on watching the first episode of Shear Genius. It’s clear that Bravo’s Project Runway clones have finally jumped the shark with this one. There were some troubling signs with Top Design. I realized when they dismissed Goil that it was clear TD was less about innovation and creativity and more about tasteful shopping.

It’s about time that I get a haircut. I can tell when my sideburns refuse to be squared off.

I usually go to a place in Chinatown (corner of 10th and Race, name escapes me now). They’re pretty inexpensive ($15 for a man’s wash and cut), quick, and competent. They know how to cut Asian hair. Sometimes they’ll even give me a vigorous shoulder massage. Very vigorous.

The best haircut I ever got was at a small place on Rt. 70 in South Jersey by the Han-Ah-Reum. Paul and Paula or something. They were a hairstyling couple that immigrated from Korea. When they were just getting set up they used to take clients inside the back of their apartment. They were good. Especially the guy.

But then they got their little shop and the prices got jacked up. So did the attitude. I always felt intimidated going into their store, being a total banana. Once I waited nearly an hour and for no good reason that I could tell. Maybe I was just bitter, but the quality seemed to drop at the same time. So I stopped going there. And found Chinatown.

A friend of mine works at American Mortals. Too pricey for my wallet, but I hear it’s really good. Maybe I’ll treat Dana to a ‘do there one day. She’s much more sunny when she likes her hair.


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