Notes to Self


I’ve been giving some thought as to the place of this blog in my life. This year, for unexpected reasons, issues of privacy have been raised regarding my various web presences. And I’ve been vacillating on how transparent I want to be.

On the one hand, I’m tempted to be overly transparent. What have I to hide anyways? There seems to be a generational shift to being cavalier, even reckless, about one’s private life on the web, despite constant warnings from oldheads to be otherwise.

On the other hand, I am, indeed, an oldhead myself, my use of the term “oldhead” notwithstanding. Do I really want to give away my inner life for all to read? And do I have the luxury of time, will, and ego to do this? Am I feeding my people-pleasing inclination by blogging? Do I really need to put all this stuff down for posterity’s sake?

My conclusions: This blog is my primary web identity. This is the web site I can direct friends and potential friends toward. It’ll serve as my primary repository for small-talk-ish posts on mostly banal but perhaps mildly amusing things. I’m going to keep my expectations pretty low for this thing. In other words, I’ll keep up the sporadic posts I’ve been dribbling out these past few weeks.

I’ll be posting more heady stuff in a private blog somewhere. This is more for me and, well, me, I guess. It’ll be stuff of a more overtly spiritual nature I’m thinking. If you’re a friend and you’d like access to these posts, get a account (you don’t need to make a blog to have one and it’s free) and e-mail me. I don’t mind sharing, but I’ve decided to keep my “deep thoughts” on the downlow.


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