Star Trek Babe


This scribble was inspired by a snippet of an article describing homebrew Star Trek films made by enterprising Trekkies. Enterprising, ha ha.

When Delores appeared on set, everyone seemed to take a moment to give her a furtive sidelong glance. The natural softness of her complexion was now covered over with the fishy sheen of the body paint but somehow the unnatural blue-green glamour coupled with the 1950’s beehive hairdo instantly pricked a TV Technicolor nostalgia as deep and soft as the warmth of a mother’s bosom at the dusk of a long Saturday afternoon. The regulation uniform arched and clung at her hips just as it should, and the chevron of her neckline stopped just at the hint of her sternum. She looked completely strange — yes, alien — the whites of her eyes peeking brilliantly out behind that startling color, trapped behind her long lashes — but also completely domesticated, an officer of the most milquetoast galactic zoo to sojourn the universe on wild, wacky exploratory missions of humanistic secularism. Brian, the assistant director, coughed and grabbed Joe, who played the Captain of the SS Intrepid, by the elbow to stop gaping, saunter over, and introduce himself.


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