Lazy songs


Dana and I are riding around. We both can’t stand the Prairie Home Companion (except for the annual joke show) and we’re also not in the mood for the oldies doo-wop show on the other public radio station we normally listen to. So we tune to corporate radio — you know, to see what the kids are listening to these days.

Dana: “Why do so many of these songs have words spelled out in them?”
Me: “Maybe they’ve discovered spell-check.”

I confess to being particularly susceptible to the repetuniticity of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” At odd moments of the day, I find that I am telling myself “To the left, to the left…”

And then there’s that Akon song “Don’t Matter.” Sigh. I suppose I’m going to have to bring it up when the seventh graders do their unit on Romeo and Juliet. But does anyone else notice how this song is so derivative that it borders on pastiche?

Peter Cetera (Glory of Love) + Beastie Boys (Fight for Your Right to Party) + R. Kelly (Ignition) = Akon (Don’t Matter)

Even the music video = Chris Isaak (Wicked Game) + R. Kelly (Fiesta [remix])


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