Dear Diary: Busy Weekend


So I really should have used this weekend to make a dent on my stack of to-be-graded but that did not happen. Not that I regret it.

On Friday, I hosted the Philly Korean Language Meetup to celebrate the lunar new year. When the locale switched to my house I thought it would be a cozy affair — just The-Other-Tom & Paula coming over. But then the invites swelled to 6 more at the last minute, and I panicked a little. Not enough food!

I rushed after school to H-Mart to buy some supplies, and Dana started her stovetop magic. When 7:00 rolled around, though, only The-Other-Tom showed up. Not even Paula, who apparently had to plan for a next-day trip to Germany. Too much food!

Eventually, though, everybody started trickling in — but with gifts of food in tow. We had a grand old time. Mandoo-dukk-gook, shikhye, bin-dye-dukk, cake, coffee-in-cans, fried mandoo, wine, beer, dukk, dukk, and more dukk. And, of course, a few boisterous rounds of Yut.

Saturday: Philly WordPress and Blogger Meetup. I came in late because of a tussle with a Philadelphia Free Librarian, but it was good to see another swelled gathering of interesting folk. I had never realized that Only Partially Insane was from Fishtown which further explains her wild woolly forays into CasiNO! Brazil. I feel your pain, gal.

And Colin Devroe brought his clan! Good man. I’m now looking for people to play Hand and Foot with me. Any game that features “clean” and “dirty books” is worth looking into.

On the way back home, I decide that I’m going to redeem my defeat at the hands of a local librarian and take my case to the Central branch. It’s cold, and I don’t like standing around so I do this leapfrog game of walking a few blocks and looking back to see if the bus is on its way or no. I’m two blocks away from the library when I notice the bus on its way. Useless. I let it past me; when I get to the library, I’m 15 minutes past closing time. Argh.

So now I’m standing on Spring Garden. I’ve made up my mind that I’m just going to stand there and wait for the bus. I haven’t done this much walking in a while. 20 minutes, 30 minutes past. Fiddlesticks. I start walking home again. Guess when the bus catches up with me? That’s right, two blocks away from the stop. This time, I take it because — well I don’t know why; I’m just pissed. Septa, you suck.

I’ve got to erase some of this negativity so I head over to Lai’s for a tupperware party for Don and Michelle. I don’t know Don and Michelle super-well but they are, with their little Eliana, one of the most goofy, fun, good-hearted families I have ever met. And they’re going to be missionaries in Turkey. Lucky Turks.

Sunday: I’ve started attending Philadelphia Community Church, a startup Reformed church in Northern Liberties that has services at 8:30 in the morning. 8:30 — yeah I know. But they’re real nice, real small, fully endorsed by my regular church, Tenth Presbyterian, and a hop and a skip away. Besides, I’m a morning person.

Dana isn’t, though. When I get back, she’s ready for the 11:00 service at Tenth. Lovely sermon by Dr. Ryken as always, but I almost nod off; I feel leaden and peaked. But not before my showdown at the library! I eat some soup at Whole Foods to revive myself a bit, and as soon as the library opens, I march in there.

I get trounced again by the people behind the desks. I’ve lost the will to be productive. Dana and I end up watching Match Point and arguing whether there’s any moralistic intent in the movie. Woody Allen may no longer be at the height of his game, but I love the fact that his movies always provoke a discussion.

So there you have it, a rollercoaster weekend. I haven’t made it particularly amusing, but it was.


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Busy Weekend

  1. Great to see you on Saturday. There was just not enough time to visit with everyone – which is a good sign for the meetup group that it is large and bustling.

    Next time though, I definitely need some Tom-time. We will most likely make it down for March too.


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