Midnight Musical Musings


The Smithereens have put out an album faithfully covering, track by track, the seminal Meet the Beatles.

Personally, my favorite Beatles cover band has got to be the supergroup assembled for the Backbeat movie soundtrack: Dave Pirner, Greg Dulli, Thurston Moore, Don Fleming, Mike Mills, Dave Grohl. The movie was eh, but man, I’ve got to get that soundtrack; it made me hear the Beatles in a whole new way — something the Cirque du Soleil “mashup” Love album failed to do.

I missed seeing the re-united Police at the top of the Grammys. Thank God for Youtube, though.

Confession: I prefer The Police to The Beatles. Stuart Copeland, Andy Summers, and even Gordon Sumner are brilliant musicians. Their blend of reggae, punk, and new wave was inspired. Their flirtations with jazz even as a pop group set the stage for their individual explorations past the band. And they have now reunited. Yes, their discography does not have the same scope nor influence, but I defy you to find a tighter trio in all of rock.


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