Feed Me: Meetup Follow-Up


A good showing at the WordPress/Blogger Meetup yesterday. It even seems Colin sent a proxy (cough cough).

Good conversation overall, but I managed to mine a few golden tips for my blog-implementation efforts at my school.

  • Feedburner, by purchasing BlogBeat stats, has a blog statistics service that’s both robust and easy to use. A good choice for most over Google Analytics.
  • Viddler is a new video upload and sharing site that allows bigger uploads and time frame commenting. It’s cleaner, it’s more open, and it’s gearing to be mash-able.
  • Some of the most influential members of the WordPress community are starting over with a next-generation blog software project called Habari. I’m happy here with this blog at WordPress.com, but I can see how I’ll want to consider this to replace WordPress MU at my school. Can’t wait for the first formal release.

3 thoughts on “Feed Me: Meetup Follow-Up

  1. It was good to run into you at the blogger meetup. I keep forgetting to add you to my bloglines subscriptions. (I know…I totally suck.) But I am doing it as we “speak”. And also….love love love love the design of your blog. The brown and chartreuse thing is very masculine, but hip and good looking. Plus everyone loves radius edges. I’m very impressed. Kudos! 🙂


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