Nespresso Le Cube single-cup coffee maker = Yummy


One of my secret reasons for anticipating my weekly Bible study meeting is to enjoy a really, really good cup of coffee. When the Lai’s came back from Australia, they were raving about Le Cube, a single-cup coffee maker from Nespresso — Nestle’s line of high-end boutique coffee products. They even got themselves an Aeroccino, an automatic milk frother.

Look, I’m not a coffee aficionado. It took me a long time to get used to the stuff, and I eventually started drinking my daily cup for the same reason everybody else does — the caffeine. I got in the habit of masking the bitter taste with lots of cream and lots of sugar.

I’m a recovering addict. I don’t drink coffee every day anymore; I actually find that it exhausts me more often than not, and is a potent diuretic for me. I also find that I simply do not like the taste of most coffee, including, and especially, coffee shop coffee. Starbucks, ugh. Did you know Starbucks deliberately amps up the caffeine in their coffee?

This stuff from Nespresso is glorious, though. It’s got a silky smooth mouthfeel. I don’t even need to add sugar; I can enjoy it on its pure merit. It’s like the difference between foie gras and liver.

It’s expensive, and I probably can’t justify getting one of my own in my current income bracket, but I would suggest you find a very generous neighbor, like I did, or maybe pool together some money with a bunch of buddies. Man, coffee… mmmmm.


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