Dear Diary: I pick at the hole in my pocket

  • I bribed the kids in my homeroom to do the right thing and raise money for a family that could use a little help with the holidays. Pizza party on me.
  • Mother Hen has left Bro Bro starving in the snow. Needs a Western Union fix.
  • I dig through the freezer and eat through several cardboard boxes of prepared food. And another candy-cane-flavored-double-stuf Oreo from Trader Joe’s. Gain two new chins.
  • Boo needs a lift from her night class. Her very expensive night class to prepare her to attend a very expensive dental school.
  • Turns out we can indeed fit her bike into the back seat. I think about how I need to replace the crankset on my own bike. Again.
  • We have a serious discussion about whether she might have food allergies or perhaps a more serious GI problem. She reminds me to ask how much it costs to add her to my healthcare.

What’s winter break without a hand-wringing Scrooge?

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