Another Liberties Scribblers brainstorm seed. Write a story about a sibling, or from the point of view of a sibling.

OrionI guess I could talk about the time when we ran away together. It was summer, school was out and there was now no buffer nor moor of principal obligation to keep us orbiting the intolerable friction between us and our parents. I’m not sure whose argument it was that finally propelled us outward. It didn’t really matter, I guess. We both had had enough, and when one of us made up our mind on the subject, the other merely had to nod his accord. We were, at the time, more than brothers in family but brothers in shared duress, like soldiers, or citizens in siege, grimly understanding one another without need of explanation.

Actually, it must have been me to walk out first, because I had the car: a twenty-year-used-hatchback saved from salvage, that we proceeded to stuff with clothes and cassette tapes, till it resembled a giant bird’s nest in the back. We packed at midnight, and I remember picking out Orion in the sky above.

2 thoughts on “Runaways

  1. Tim

    And, in your good fortune, our duresses are no longer shared. But hence the fated parlay. My duress is an encumbrance.

    My deepest apologies and sincerest thanks.


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