Dear Diary: I yelled at my students today


I’m being really crabby these days.
I rode my bike to school and back for the first time in a month. Still need to get the gear fixed.
The first regular Bible study in a while, too.
Back to blogging.
The song “Back in the Saddle Again” is stuck in my head.


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: I yelled at my students today

  1. Concerned

    Dear Tom,

    I am sorry to hear that you yelled at your students yesterday. Sometimes stress can get to the very best of us, no matter how much we intend not to let our patience wear thin. I believe your honesty gives everyone, parents and students alike, a sense of relief. Relief in finding that you, as a teacher, see yourself as someone who can fall short and most importantly, have the courage to admit it.

    Thank God that you do not have to admit to “Putting Your Hands On A Student Today” or “I Lied On A Student Today” My children have been subjected to these types of atrocities by teachers and a principal first hand. If you ever feel like you are being pushed to your limit, make your dean or principal aware of your feelings and any situations that are causing you great stress and concern. Many teachers wait until they “Blow Up”, and by then the damage is already done to you and to your students.

    Don’t fret about your “Tom Unleashed” episode yesterday. Teaching is one of the hardest, yet one of the most rewarding professions on the planet. Your human and again, we all fall short. I am certain your students understand that. If not… you have yet another lesson that you can teach them.



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