Slam! Da-duh-dum…


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So one of the things that I’ve neglected posting about is the story slam that my writing group will be -> is -> has -> had hosted tonight at the Standard Tap.

Story Slam: a lot like a poetry slam. Ten contestants sign up to read an original piece. They have to read a five-minute excerpt (half a point deduction for every 15 seconds over the time limit). Five judges are chosen at random to grade out of ten points on content and delivery. Given the season, an extra point and a half for any story that’s scary.

It was great. We had a full house listening in; there were even people standing on the fringes because we ran out of seats. People ate and drank, which was good for our host, the legendary Standard Tap. I highly recommend the Sly Fox Pub Ale.

We only had nine readers, though, which made us a little short on prize money. Each reader donates $5 to the pot, so we could award $25 to first plaze, $15 to second, and $10 to third place = $50 total. So we were short $5. Not a big problem, though.

I won second place! I’d have to say it was probably more for my delivery than for the story itself, though. First place went to a humor piece about zombies, a well deserving Daniel, who has a touch of the Sedaris charm in him.

Actually, first place would have gone to Jeff Bender, another Penn Charter teach, had he not gone two minutes over the time limit. Bender can write, dudes. He’s a funny guy.

So it’s pretty sweet that minus the five we swallowed and the five for the Sly Fox I swallowed, I still came home with five extra singles in my pocket. Home as a hero to my sugar mama, who’s studying organic chemistry so she can be a rich dentist. Nice to proffer a little sump’n sump’n up to my muse.


2 thoughts on “Slam! Da-duh-dum…

  1. Tom,

    I’m sorry I missed this slam. Congrats on winning second place and covering some of your bar tab. Let me know when the next one is. And is this something we could do/imitate at Penn Charter?



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