Built to Spill


I wiped out in front of the Spaghetti Warehouse on Spring Garden. I was biking home when a car, parked pretty far from the curb, suddenly opened its door. I think my chain caught the edge of the door, flinging out the bike from under me. I’m sailing through the air, and I’m thinking, “I’m not wearing my helmet. Dana is going to kill me. I hope I don’t land on my head.”

As I landed, I thought, “I hope this idiot doesn’t freak out about his door.” Fortunately, the guy who caused my skill was a profusely apologetic elderly gentleman. He seemed a little scared because I was sprawled on the asphalt a few feet ahead of his car, and my bike was sprawled a few feat ahead of me. My chain was twisted and mangled, so I had to walk the bike the rest of the way home.

bike accident

Miraculously, I just suffered a few scrapes and bruises. I landed mostly on my hands, and I was wearing gloves. My elbow just grazed asphalt. Praise God my laptop and iPod were also spared.

bike accidentbike accident

I think I have some whiplash, though.


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